4 Pods and geometry transfer sheets

4 Pods and geometry transfer sheets

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Set of 4 chocolate transfer sheets with geometric patterns and pods.

These 4 chocolate transfer sheets with assorted pods and geometric patterns will allow you to make your own chocolate pastry decorations yourself.
The set consists of 2 pod pattern transfer sheets and 2 geometric pattern transfer sheets.

You can use the chocolate transfer sheets alone, or with a template, if you want your decorated chocolates to have specific shapes.

Dimensions: 29 x 17.5 cm
Geometric pattern composition: cocoa butter, coloring E172
Pod patterns composition: cocoa butter, cocoa powder

Use of chocolate transfer sheets:
To be sure that your chocolate transfers are successful, you should only use real white or dark couverture chocolate, with a high cocoa butter content. You can also use them on ice cream and mousse.

- Melt your chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler.
- Place the transfer sheet on your work surface and spread the chocolate evenly using a stainless steel spatula.
- Refrigerate 5 to 10 minutes
- Unmould

Use of transfer sheets at the coating outlet for chocolate candies:
- at the end of the coating, gently place the printed transfer sheet,
- then tap the top of the sheet with a brush, in order to adhere the sheet to the candies.
- let crystallize, then remove the sheet at once.
- the candies are decorated.

Using transfer sheets in ice printing:
- place the transfer sheet in the gutter.
- Spread the ice cream in the gutter lining it on the transfer sheet and put in the freezer at -30 ° C until the heart freezes.
- remove the transfer sheet right out of the freezer.

Use of transfer sheets in foam printing:
- place the transfer sheet in the mold.
- spread the whipped cream with milk.
- freeze everything, then remove from the freezer.

Store away from heat and humidity.
6 Items

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